Sunday, April 1, 2012

Feels like a bad April Fools joke

Poor Claire.  She doesn't feel any better today.  I went into her room this morning to find her pants and crib covered in poop.  And in the last 12 hours, she has had about 12 dirty diapers.  They are terrible.  Just like water so it doesn't stay in her diaper, yet runs out all down her legs and into her socks or out the top onto her back.  And this just makes the diaper rash even worse.  She screams when she knows she is getting ready to have to poop and then when I go to change her diaper she looks at me with this scared look in her eye of pain and just cries. 

We took her back to the pediatrician today even though I hate to take her there.  I think it's like a torture chamber to her.  The doctors, nurses, staff are all SO friendly, but Claire is just terrified.  I asked that they culture her stool because since she had that awful dirty diaper on Wednesday, C. diff has been in the back of my mind.  So they sent off a small sample to the lab and hopefully we will hear something tomorrow.  They also suggested we could switch her milk to almond milk.  I bought some but not sure if that is what is causing this terrible stomach thing.

I just sat in the floor with Claire tonight and we both cried.  It's pitiful to watch your child suffer.  Whether it's after open heart surgery or if it's due to a bout of terrible ear infection, diaper rash, and upset stomach.  She is exhasuted.  I am exhausted for her.  I am praying she can rest well tonight and that we find out what is going on soon.  And through it all, she still smiles and laughs.  She is resilliant. 

So I feel sorry for our trash men tomorrow when they empty our trash can.  It is full of stinky stinky diapers!  :(

Please keep Claire in your prayers!

The Scott Family

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  1. So sorry you're going through such a rough time right now. The hardest parenting thing for me is when I feel that I'm helpless to help my own children. Just know- she will get better, you will get through this. Praying for you guys.