Thursday, April 5, 2012

Slumber party in Claire's room!!! Just without the "slumber" part...

After I bragged how well Claire was feeling yesterday, we paid for it last night.  Claire woke up around 12:30 am screaming and passing a lot of gas.  Well I couldn't tell on the monitor if it was just gas or if she was having another dirty diaper.  So I had to go and wake her completely up to change her diaper and to find nothing in there.  Just gas. 

So then Claire kept tossing and turning while I tried to rock her back to sleep.  She would almost be calm, then arch her back and scream and waller out of my lap.   I found the gas drops and gave her some as she got more and more mad at me.  She was chewing her fingers too, so I got some Pedialite and Motrin to help her teeth if they were hurting.  That didn't work either.  I tried everything.  All she could do is scream and cry. 

Finally at 3 am I tried just laying her in her crib to see if she would fall asleep.  This didn't work at all.  After 10-15 minutes she was still crying and screaming.  So I know something was hurting, I just didn't know what.  And still don't.  So I gave in, grabbed the box of Cheerios and a bottle of Pedialite, pulled the glider out in front of her TV, and we started watching Barney and Fireman Sam.  And munching down on Cheerios. 

So then I wondered if she was just hungry.  Not having milk in her diet for a few days and just eating bland foods, it occurred to me that she might be starving.  So we had a little "party" and played, ate, and watched Sprout channel until about 4:30 am.  Then I decided I would try again to get Claire to sleep, all the while explaining to her how Daddy and Momma had to get up and go to work in about an hour and a half and we needed to go to sleep.  I guess it worked that time and she FINALLY fell back asleep. 

By then, I felt like I should just stay up.  I only had about an hour before the clock went off.  But I crawled back in bed and Trent and I fell asleep finally watching the morning news.  Of course, Claire was sound asleep when it was time to leave, so I had to wake her up.  But she was her chipper, sweet, happy little self.  Even without much sleep. 

Here is what Claire looked like after no sleep last night:

Crazy hair equals crazy night.  I wonder if this is how Trent and I used to look after pulling all nighters in college..... 

Anyways, she seemed like she had a good day today.  We have slowly reintroduced milk so we will see how that goes. 

Claire's pediatrician called to check on her today.  When I told her about last night, she said she thought it was probably Claire's stomach hurting, contracting, and spasming with introducing foods again yesterday and getting her tummy straight after 2 weeks of trauma.  So we will see how tonight goes.....  I really like our pediatrician and when she said she has been praying every day for Claire to get better, I knew we had the right doctor. 

Wish us luck tonight!  Friday is Claire's 18 month birthday!!!  I can't believe it's been that long!  I hope we can celebrate tomorrow and this weekend. 

The Scott Family

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