Friday, April 13, 2012

Prayer request

Please keep baby Ryland in your prayers (and his family).  Ryland and Claire are 3rd cousins and he is about 2 weeks old.  I don't have the whole story, but I think he was not acting right today so his parents took him to the doctor.  They originally thought he had a bad infection and that it was affecting his breathing.  But after looking closer, they found some heart defects. 

They flew Ryland to Pitt and he and his family are there tonight.  I have talked to his aunt through Facebook and she said they think he may have a hole in his heart and something wrong with an artery.  They are thinking about taking him to Duke tomorrow. 

I can't imagine (well I guess I can) the whirlwind they are going through.  I am so glad they found Claire's heart defects a few weeks before she was born so we had time to somewhat plan for it.  But Ryland's family had no idea. 

Undetected heart defects can be really bad if not caught in time.  If you know any pregnant women, please urge them to request to have the pulse oximetry test done on their newborn at around 24 hours of life before they take the baby home.  It can save their life and is a very easy and inexpensive test. 

So please keep Ryland and family in your thoughts and prayers.  I will try to update when I find out anything.

The Scott Family

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