Thursday, April 19, 2012

Following up

To follow up to yesterday's post.....

Ryland's heart surgery was a "success"!  Thank you for praying for him today!  Please keep him in your prayers in the coming days for quick healing.  And pray for comfort for him and his family.  He earned his Heart Warrior Badge today and we are so proud of him.  We know his family is very proud of him too.

Caroline and Conner checked into Duke today to continue her bed rest journey.  And guess who was her nurse today..... Nurse Tammy!  Yay!  We all know that Tammy is the best labor and delivery nurse EVER.

Our farm got just the right amount of rain last night to help the plants and seeds grow!  Now if our scarecrow tactics will keep the deer out, we will be good. 

Looking ahead to May, lots of fun things going on.  We hope to attend the Duke ICN reunion and see some of our favorite nurses and NICU friends.  I am supposed to work at the Album of Hope table where parents can make a scrapbook page of their child's journey.  These albums stay in the NICU waiting room for families to see how the alumni survived their journey there.  We used to read and look at these albums a lot while Claire was there.  They are a source of great inspiration.  I hope to make a page for Claire this year!!

Also, May will be our collection month for Books for Charley!!!  Please remember to collect new children's books in memory of Claire's heart friend, Charlotte.  This year we get to donate all of the books that we collect to Duke's pediatric cardiac unit.  We are super thrilled to participate!  If you have books, let me know and we will get them from you.  I would love to try to collect a bunch of books to deliver!

The March for Babies with March of Dimes is in May too.  I haven't decided if we are going to do it this year or not.  I REALLY would like to, but to be honest, I hate asking people to donate money.  So we may just gather what we can and walk.  We will see.  We didn't get to walk last year because it was 2 days after Claire's liver surgery.  Any suggestions?

And Claire has about 4 appointments at Duke in the next few months - cardiology check up, special infant care clinic, geneticist, and hepatolgist/GI.  I am praying they all turn out great.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about her appointments.  You just never know.  And I do not take her health for granted.  We seem to be reminded a lot that you can't take health for granted. 

Thanks again for praying for Claire's sleep habits!  Please continue them!!  Life seems much easier with a good night sleep for everyone. 

And thank you for always praying for our friends.  I know I ask for a lot of prayer!  ;)

The Scott Family

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