Monday, April 30, 2012

Fun things

We had a great weekend!  Claire is attempting to eat with a spoon by herself which is a big accomplishment!  It's a little messy but she is learning.

Sunday, we enjoyed having fun at Connor's 4th birthday party.  Claire went straight for the steps and then the chickens.  She said "who needs toys when you have farm animals!?" 

Trent and Claire started playing jump rope when he got an even better idea.....

To walk around with Claire like she was a horse/mule and he was a farmer pulling an old plow. It was  funny and Claire thought so too.  They walked around like this for a while.  I am sure people thought we were crazy...

And when the party is right beside your Daddy's organic produce fields, you just walk over and check out the lettuce during the party.

Here is a video of Claire with the chickens and saying "chicken."

We had a blast at the party!

Claire fell today on the concrete and scraped up her knee.  Granny said she did good with it though, and she doesn't act like it bothers her. 

I was lucky enough today to break free of work for my lunch hour and eat lunch with a dear friend.  It was so good to catch up with her and hear about her new baby boy on the way.  It's funny (not literally) how during this journey, some friends come and go, but some friends stick beside you.  She is one of those that gets it and what we have been through and I am thankful for that.  It did me good to have that little visit today.

And there a few things brewing in my mind, but I just can't decide whether to post them here or not.  I usually use the blog to vent and speak my mind.  But I am just not sure if I should post my thoughts on this topic or not.  So time will tell.  It's one of those things that bothers me and maybe it shouldn't. 

Anyways, that's what we have been up to these past few days!

The Scott Family


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