Thursday, May 9, 2013

2013 Preschool Art Show

A few weeks ago Claire's preschool had an art show as a fundraiser.  As I am posting this I realized I didn't even take a picture of the 2 items that caused my heart to race!  Ugh!  More on that in a minute. 

Claire is not a painter.  Just today, her preschool teacher said it was the very first time she actually held her hands out to be painted without forcing her to.  So to see her paintings, I know the teachers worked really hard!  Basically the preschool decorates the church basement with all of the children's artwork.  They serve finger foods and punch.  So much fun!  Then each class created a piece of pottery and painted a canvas.....The 2 things I forgot to take pictures of.  They do a silent auction on those pieces from each class and also baskets full of fun things.  Of course, I had my eye on the canvas for Claire's class.  It was a sunshine with all of their hand prints around it and it had "You are my Sunshine" on it.  Will's mom couldn't come because they were sick and she had her eye on the pottery which was a pitcher with their finger prints on it made into fruits.  Cute!

So as I have never bid on things before in a silent auction, it was exciting!  My heart was racing as I was texting Caroline about the pitcher and bidding on it for her.  My mom was keeping an eye on the canvas and bidding on that.  What a rush!  Needless to say we walked out with the canvas and I took the pitcher to Caroline.  Lots of fun!  

Here are few of Claire's artwork....

Ignoring any name tags, can you guess which one is Claire's below??  Remember she does not like painting.  It's really easy to tell!

If you guessed the one with 9 dots on it, you were right!  (next to last painting at the bottom)

Then I saw this and I just about died.  How sweet is this?  It's the class's "self portraits".  The teachers even put the child's picture next to the portrait.  What's funny is the self portraits actually look like the child!

And then my heart completely melted when I saw this one......

It is already framed and getting ready to be hung on the wall.  Claire's teachers said she actually did paint her hair.  She loves to paint with whatever that swirly thing is.  And the teachers even glued little bows in her hair like she wears!!!  Love it!

I really enjoyed Claire's first art show.  I can't wait for next year.

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