Sunday, May 26, 2013


 Only I would take our child to Tryon Palace gardens so she would have a closed in area to run free without me having to worry about her escaping me.


Only our daughter would think the mounds of canon balls were "grapes" as she hugged them.

Only our daughter would surprise me and actually let me put THREE hand prints on a coffee mug for DaDa for a surprise Father's Day present at Accidental Artist.  Only now it's no surprise anymore as we were blasted on the evening local news that night in front of the store (see below).

Only I would open my big mouth as we left Accidental Artist and saw the local news channel outside.  Only I would tell them how much Claire loves to watch the news, especially the weather (the girl below is one of the weather women) and ask if we could have our picture taken with them.  Only then would this lead to them asking us to be on the news that night talking about how our hometown is listed as #6 nationally for boating towns.  Only I would sound super redneck once again on the news while wearing a sweatshirt with holes and jeans that are 10 years old while Claire had paint all over her mouth.  Yep, only us.

Only Claire would be obsessed with feeding the ducks old hotdog buns.  Only Claire would garner crazy looks from other people as she ran and chased the ducks (like they thought she was torturing the ducks).

Only I would freak out because there were 2 dead fish on the shore that Claire kept almost stepping on (and actually some older kids were standing on top of one fish).  Only I would garner crazy looks from other parents when I whisked Claire away screaming after she ran into the water as I started thinking about all the nasty germs that are in this river water.

Only if these days would last forever that I get to spend special time with our only child.  If only.


The Scott Family

PS - Jax had a good day today!  His doctors say he has rounded a corner so thank you for all of your prayers!  What a miracle.  Please continue to pray!

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