Monday, May 20, 2013

Prayers for Jaxson - a miracle needed

Jaxson has had a rough week.  Since his surgery last Monday, he was feeling better!  But Saturday night he had a rough night and the doctors noticed that the parts of his intestines that were on the outside of his body for the colostomy bag were turning dark.  Not a good sign.  Sunday morning he went back into emergency surgery thinking they would just remove the part of the intestines that was dying.  When the doctors got inside Jax's abdomen, they found much more than they bargained for.

The fungal infection had spread.  There were black spots of dying tissue on Jaxson's small and large intestines, colon, stomach wall, and bladder.  There is nothing the doctors could do so they closed him back up without removing anything.  Jaxson is really sick.  His fever went to 103.9 last night and they were having to cool him down with ice packs and lowering the AC in his room.

Today I got to visit him and his family.  He is still sedated and on lots of medicines and still on the vent.  The doctors said today that they don't know of anyone who had ever beat this type of infection.  But they are trying everything they can.  The medicine Jax needs to beat the infection will only work with white blood cells (WBCs) which we know Jax has none or very little due to the chemo.  So they have given Jax some sort of bone marrow medicine to help generate WBCs in his own bone marrow.  This could be helpful for fighting the infection, but more than likely, the leukemia will return by doing this.

They have also called the Red Cross to find a donor of WBCs.  This person received medicine yesterday to boost their WBCs.  They will have their blood drawn either today or tomorrow, and the blood will be flown to the hospital Jax is at.  He will then receive this donation in hopes to boost his WBCs.  The issue with this is that this is very hard on the recipient.  It could cause him to go into anaphylactic (sp) shock.  It could make his temperatures go even higher.  This WBC transplant can also kill him.

Jax needs prayers for a miracle.  Please pray for him.  Whatever God's will is for him.  I will try to update when I hear anything.

Thanks for the prayers.

The Scott Family


  1. Oh goodness, This sounds so scary. I am so sorry and will definitely be praying!