Friday, May 31, 2013

Claire's first beach trip

Even though we live 30 minutes from the beach, we had never taken Claire before.  I figured it would either be a love relationship or hate relationship.  From the pictures below and her face, you can tell she loved it.  Absolutely loved it!  She ran and played and jumped over waves and threw shells.  Complete strangers on the beach made several comments about busy she was and how much energy she had.  They just have no clue!  We met cousins Connor and Anna down there and also friend Jack.  We wanted to see how Claire did at the beach because we are planning a beach vacation sometime this summer!  Our first family vacation ever!

Love her face!  This is how she was the whole day.

See the 2 little specks all the way down the beach in the center of the photo?  That's us running!

I did decide it's time to find a new bathing suit if I am going to be running up and down the beach this summer.  Also I found muscles I didn't know I had by picking Claire up over the waves.  It brought back so many fun memories of when my family would go to Emerald Isle every summer for a week every year.  I just have not figured out how my parents managed to watch 4 kids on the beach.  I could hardly keep up with one!  Maybe Granny and Big Daddy need to start renting a big beach house for a week again in the summers for the whole family to come down.....Hmmmm.....

The Scott Family

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