Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wedding Fun!

Yesterday Aunt Amanda and Uncle Colby got married!  Yay!  Claire was one of the flower girls with her cousin Caba.  Despite all of my fears, Claire did excellent!  Granted she walked down the aisle carrying a fire truck, but hey, it worked!  Here are a few pictures from rehearsal, getting ready for the wedding, and the reception.  Claire had a BLAST at the reception dancing.  She was the life of the party for sure (takes after her DaDa).

Caba and Claire rehearsing

Uncle Colby and Aunt Amanda

Getting ready!

The bride's shoes and the flower girl's shoes

Amanda and our parents before the wedding

Me and Trent - we were already exhausted :)

Flower girls preparing

Our family at the reception

These flower girls look like they were caught planning something....

Claire was having so much fun dancing!!!!

"DANCE!" - she loved the lights on the floor

Still dancing the night away in front of the videographer!

We had so much fun and we were glad to be a part of this special day!

The Scott Family

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