Monday, May 13, 2013

Jax update - take 2

So, once the doctors got in there during surgery, they realized that Jaxson's intestines and appendix were not backwards or twisted.  They were right!  Which is good!  But they think there was some type of infection (possibly fungal) in his intestines so they had to remove several inches.  They sent the tissue off to check for leukemia cells in the intestinal tissue and also to see what this infection was.  It was basically killing his intestines.  Jax will have a colostomy bag for approximately 3-6 months.  The doctors are afraid to reattach his intestines while his counts are low in fear it will not heal correctly and cause more damage.

He is in PICU now recovering so please pray for a quick recovery and that this will be something simple to solve.  They also tested his bone marrow today and it came back negative for leukemia cells so that is great news!

The Scott Family

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  1. Praying for Jaxson! One of my sons had an ostomy bag for awhile. We still have supplies left over, if they need anything, please let us know!