Monday, May 13, 2013

Jax update - abdominal surgery

Over the weekend Jax continued to be in lots of pain and began vomiting bile.  The doctors finally did a CT scan last night and found that Jax's intestines were flipped.  Basically at 10 weeks gestation, a baby's intestines have been growing outside the body in the umbilical cord.  At 10 weeks gestation, the intestines flip and then move inside the baby's abdomen.  Well, come to find out that his had never flipped therefore were twisted and had a blockage! 

You can read more about intestinal malrotation here:

So they did surgery today around lunch time to untwist Jaxson's intestines and also remove his appendix because it was on the opposite side of where it was supposed to be.  He has made it through surgery and they are waiting to talk to the doctors.  Hopefully this is the reason he has been in so much pain lately and it will now be relieved.  Please pray for Jaxson and his family!!!! 

The Scott Family

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