Monday, May 27, 2013

Miracles do happen

Praise the Lord for a good day for Jaxson today!  Amber texted me this morning that his ANC was up to 1400!!!!  And his white blood cells were up to 2.4!  This my friends is a miracle for a child who less than a week ago was really, really sick.  Sick enough that the doctors had "the talk" with his parents.  Thank you all for the prayers for Jax.  Please keep them coming as he still has a long road ahead of him.  It's wonderful to see the work of God when you least expect it.

On another note, Claire has a cardiology check up this week.  I have to admit I am nervous.  I know she looks good and is growing great.  But it's been a year since we have seen the cardiologist.  I will never take Claire's health for granted and never be surprised (well I probably would be) if we got some weird news at her appointments.  I don't ever want to let my guard down because as soon as I do, that's when something unexpected will happen.  So please pray that Claire's heart looks perfectly healthy and that she is good to go until another year!


The Scott Family

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