Monday, May 6, 2013

"Field trips"

I took Friday off from work so my mom could have the day off from keeping Claire.  That way my mom had all day to help Amanda get ready for the wedding.  So Claire and I decided to do some mini field trips.  We went to Parker Farms and attempted to pick strawberries.  Claire was only interested in picking the yellow marking flags.  I picked a few strawberries and then she stepped right in the box and smashed half of them.  Strawberry picking was then over.

We thought about going to the park, but we can do that anytime.  So I called Phillip to see where they were logging and we decided to ride out there and visit.  Claire loved it.  She could have stayed out there all day.  She loved sitting in Phillip's skidder and acting like she was driving.  She especially loved blowing the horn and turning the dome light on and off.  

We had a lot of fun on our little field trips!

Don't forget - we are collecting new children's books for Books for Charley this month!!!!

The Scott Family

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