Monday, October 4, 2010

Maybe having a baby today!!

Amanda called this morning to say that the doctors moved Rebecca back to the 5th floor- Labor and Delivery. Rebecca's blood work came back and she has preeclampsia and the doctors are very concerned because this can not only affect Claire, but could hurt Rebecca's body too. The doctors are in a meeting now and will see Rebecca soon this morning. Mom & Dad, Trent, and Anita have been notified. The doctors said don't panic (yeah right!) but that she may be having the baby TODAY and family needs to be ready.I guess she is still about 28 weeks....
 Amanda said that if anything, the delivery may be this afternoon....but WHO KNOWS?!?!? Things change hour to hour with this! They may start Rebecca back on the magnesium (ugh!) and have already started her on an IV.

That's all I know now. I was told not to cancel my appointments today....Mom and Trent are on the way. Amanda is with her now. We are waiting for the doctors to tell us what is happening.

Pray....and pray...and then pray some more. We have faith like the mustard seed!


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  1. Thank you so much for the update. We're praying!