Monday, October 4, 2010


Thanks everyone for the prayers!!  God helped us make it through another day!

We just got the results back from the 7 PM blood tests and the platelets and liver enzymes are still holding at the same level.  This means that they are going to come back at 1 AM for testing again!

They also got back the results from the liver cyst and the results are BENIGN!! YAY!!!!  That is great news :-D
Once Clarie arrives, the NICU Doctors will access Claire's heart condition and the liver cyst and at that time they will come up with a plan for future surgeries.

Family is here supporting Rebecca and Claire!  Hopefully in the next few days we can say that we have met Baby Claire :)

Pray, pray, pray...and thank God for all that He has done!



  1. We continue to pray that the doctors at Duke will make the best decisions for Rebecca and Baby Claire. And thank you, girls, for posting updates.

    Kathy Mitchell

  2. My mother and I are praying very hard for all the family. We hope for the best and have a good feeling about baby Claire.