Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Breakfast With Santa

Saturday I took Claire to her first Breakfast with Santa.  I had no idea what to expect with her and Santa Claus or just in general.  But we had a really great time!  Claire did great but all she wanted to do was get down and crawl.  So she wasn't really scared of Santa.  She just was mad that she couldn't get down!  

They also had Mrs. Claus there reading stories to the kids.  Claire liked Mrs. Claus!

Finally, I gave up and just let her crawl.  I know it was on a gross floor and I got some "crazy" looks from parents, but hey, it satisfied her for a few seconds.   I didn't let her do it long!  And I sanitized her hands several times.  This picture is funny because it looks like Ava is telling on Claire for doing something bad.  And the look on Claire's face is priceless!

We ate from a breakfast buffet and Claire ended up eating pancakes for the first time.  She liked them a lot!   We had eggs, bacon, oranges, donut holes, and a biscuit too.  I felt sorry for whoever had to clean the floors up after all 3 shifts of children had eaten.  I tried to pick up Claire's mess as best as I could. 

They also had lots of other things for big kids to do like cookie decorating and bead necklace making.  But we will do those another year.  There was a tree with handmade ornaments there also that each child got to chose an ornament from.  I picked out this ornament because it was a dog that reminded me of Fuzz. 

We had a great time visiting with Ava and her family.  And got a quick visit in with Izzie and her family.  All of the good pictures of all of us together are on Becky and Beth's cameras!  :(  So hopefully they will send them to me sometime soon and I will post them. 

Hopefully this will be another fun tradition to continue with Claire and her friends!

The Scott Family

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