Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Where does the time go?

I remember the night Trent and I rode out to Books A Million so I could buy the book "What to Expect When You're Expecting."  I was so excited!  No one knew we were pregnant yet, so I had to be very careful I didn't run into someone in the store.  The cashier asked who I was buying the book for and it felt weird to say "me"! 

I got about 2/3 of the way through that book before Claire was born.  I read it faithfully and almost daily to see what size Claire was, what she would be doing in my belly, etc.  I didn't make it past the 6th month chapter since she was born early.  And this is the book I so naively referred to while giving birth when I told the doctors that I didn't know how to push or what to do since I hadn't gotten that far yet in my book.  Yes, I think those were my exact words.  Geez. 

Then I got "The First Year" book.  It's been a good book to follow up with, but it's been hard for me to keep on track with it.  Basically because of having to read about Claire's REAL age and also her ADJUSTED age.  So I am on 2 chapters at once in this book all the time.  And I often refer back to the First Aid and CPR chapter to refresh my memory.  I think both this book and the previous book had good information in it about birth defects and prematurity and other things we have had to unexpectedly have to deal with.  I never knew I would need those chapters, but they have come in handy!

So the other night I went to pull out my "First Year" book to check up on Claire's progress and realized that I needed to upgrade to the "Toddler Years" book!  Seriously!  Toddler years????  This starts out at 13 months in this book.  I didn't get a chance to read any since Claire had other plans to play.  She doesn't like it when I try to read and not pay her attention.  ;)  So I will try to see if Claire is on track according to the book sometime soon! 

All of these books have been really great!  Don't get me wrong - I know you cannot compare every child to what a book says.  Trust me, I know first hand.  But it does help to know kind of what she should be doing or working on doing.  It gives me a guide of some sorts.  Claire is definitely not a "by-the-book" child!  But I do recommend these books for new parents.  They have been very helpful and interesting!  I just can't believe we are on the toddler book now!!!!

The Scott Family

PS - A Christmas post will come soon!

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  1. Those books are great. Another awesome pregnancy book I have given many pregnant friends is "the pregnancy bible". It has very detailed pictures of each week and weekly sizes and gives lots of detailed info on birth, defects, and after baby comes home. I liked the week to week ones since here is so much going on in there and I always wanted to know what they were doing. Of course I didn't have to read it as much with Greyson since I saw him at least once a week for the last 15 weeks or so but with Addison I read them religiously.