Monday, December 12, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Well, it's getting there.  We had a busy, fun weekend with Christmas festivities and getting our Christmas tree.  This is a long post with LOTS of pictures, so I am warning you in advance!  ;)

First, here are a few pictures Beth took of us at Breakfast with Santa a few weekends ago.  Wow, we have a lot of kids! 

Here is Claire in her Duke ICN shirt.  We cooked a bunch of cookies and dropped off last week for the Duke ICN families.  We hope they enjoyed them!

Friday night, we attended the very first every Christmas on Main Street in Pollocksville.  It was an awesome event for the community of Pollocksville!  There was everything from old home tours to fire on the water to face painting to food to Santa.  Trent is chief of Pollocksville Volunteer Fire Department and they served BBQ at the community building with a small bluegrass band playing.  It was a lot of fun! 

We decided it was warm enough to stroll down the street to see Santa at the local arcade.  We ran into Izzie there!

As you can see below, Claire wasn't scared of Santa.  She just kind of stared at him and checked him out.  So that's good! 

We really had fun and I think everyone else did too.  I hope this is something they continue each year and that it grows! 

Saturday, we ran down to Accidental Artist to make a cookie plate for Santa. 

I will post a picture of the finished product when we get it back this week!

Here is Claire showing off in her own little Santa hat that Granny bought her.

Sunday after church and lunch, we decided it was time to try to find our Christmas tree.  We all loaded up in Trent's truck (Claire for the first time).  It was a task to get that car seat to fit in the extended cab of his truck!  But we all made it!  She liked riding in there because she could see out better than she can in my car.  As soon as we headed out of the driveway, Alan Jackson's song, "Let it be Christmas" came on the radio.  So fitting!

 We drove across town to Moore Christmas Tree Farm where we have been cutting our Christmas trees for the past several years.  They give you a pole to take out with you so you know the height of the tree.  Claire though it was funny!

We got to ride on a trailer hooked to a tractor to go get our tree from the field.  This was the highlight of Claire's day!  She LOVES to ride on tractors!  I declared we would be having a hay ride at Claire's next birthday party!  :)

Here is our tree!  It's a Carolina Sapphire and it was about 8 feet tall.  Here we are while the owner cuts the tree down for us. 

Back on the trailer ride again!  Yay!

Grandma Neat Neat found her a tree too!

Claire told this blow up Santa what she wanted for Christmas too as she rubbed his beard.  We walked around, played, and took pictures while they got the trees ready to load onto our truck. 

The nice people over at Moore Christmas Tree Farm also gave Claire some Magic Reindeer Feed to sprinkle on the lawn to lure Santa's reindeer to our house. 

We got the tree up but not decorated yet.  Well I did put the ornaments Claire made this year on the tree and our little white dog ornament we got at Breakfast with Santa. 

Here are a few pictures from Granny's camera from the past few weeks in getting ready for Christmas. 

Claire is singing into the "Merry-Okie" microphone.  It's a microphone that plays Christmas music, but also when you talk or sing into it, it changes your voice to sound like an elf! 

Claire and Granny painted us some really cute Christmas ornaments a few weeks ago.  These are the ones already hanging on our tree!  Claire did a great job paining them!  They are so special. 

And here she is modeling a Santa hat a Granny and Big Daddy's.  She is getting in the Christmas spirit! 

So as you can see, we are trying to get ready for Santa and for Christmas!  This Christmas will be so much different than last year.  We are so happy to just be at home with our family this year.  We didn't even have a tree last year since Claire was not home.  So we made up for it this year with a Chevy Chase Christmas tree that is HUGE!  Now I just have to decorate it......

The Scott Family

PS - Another Christmas miracle - baby Parker is home with his family!!!  Thank you for praying for them!


  1. I enjoyed all the pictures!!! What fun!!!

  2. Super cute pictures. Looks like you have been having a great time!