Saturday, December 3, 2011

Curly headed baby {and a few other things}

Claire has just a few curls.......

Mind you this is after her bath, so the curls are much more prominent with her hair wet or in humid weather.  But it's just so cute!!

Oh, and Claire is now more interested in real foods than baby food. Some of the new things on her menu are raisins, Nila waffers, macaroni and cheese, lasagna, and garlic bread.  She still loves M&Ms as her treat (she might get 1/2 an M&M every other day so don't freak out) and Cheerios.  I swear she can down an entire big box of Cheerios in no time.  So we are trying to feed her what we are eating and then just supplement with baby food.  Still haven't gotten the sippy cup down pat yet, but that will come in time. 

Next week we head to Duke for heart and liver check ups.  Please pray that everything looks perfect!  Claire will have an echo of her heart and also an ultrasound of her liver.  We should also meet with the cardiologist.  I will update after the visits!

The Scott Family

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  1. Aunt Sarah is loving all those curls! What a beauty!