Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Claire's first Christmas parade

Claire enjoyed her very first Christmas parade this past weekend.  I wasn't sure how she would react to the very loud sirens and noises, but it didn't even phase her.  She was loving it!  We went to the Trenton parade and it was very nice.  Not crowded, lasted 30 minutes, and we got a front row view.  Trent drove a fire truck in the parade so that was neat.  I had thought about me and Claire riding with him, but figured she needed to take it all in her first year.  

waiting for the parade to begin!

Here it comes!

Claire got so much candy!

Claire's friend Maddie on the float!

Jones Co. 4-H float

Maysville VFD truck with a fire dog on top

Here comes Daddy!

He was blowing the horns and playing the sirens for Claire.

Trent stopped in front of Claire so she could see him.

Look closely on top of the truck and you will see Santa!

Our family after the parade

Claire had an absolute ball.  The only time she cried is when we would put our hands over her ears to muffle the loud noises.  She didn't want us to do that.  She just sat and ate Cheerios and enjoyed the parade.  I am so glad we took her! 

We head to Duke today for check ups and testing on Claire's heart and liver.  Please pray for great outcomes!!!!!!!!!!  I am a little nervous/anxious this time for some reason. 
The Scott Family

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