Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

We had a great Christmas this year!   We were so glad to all be home and have Claire home.  Santa came to visit our house since Claire had been such a good girl all year.  Her favorite toy was the Rocking Elmo that Santa brought her!  She also got a beanbag chair and grocery cart from Santa.  I started out the day good by taking lots of pictures, but by the end of the day, we were so tired, I forgot! 

Claire set out her cookies for Santa and her letter that she "wrote" to him on Christmas Eve.  We dressed her in her cute Christmas pajamas and off to sleep she went!  When she woke up Christmas morning, she was so excited to see what was under the tree.  I think Trent and I were almost more excited!  We opened presents at home then headed to Trent's grandparents to cook and eat the traditional breakfast and open presents.  Then we headed back home and opened presents with Grandma Neat Neat.  Claire got a red wagon so we went out for a short ride.  By then, it was time to head to Granny and Big Daddy's house to eat again and open presents with my side of the family.  It was a whirlwind over there but lots of fun!  This is where I failed to take any pictures.  I had hoped to get some good family pictures on Christmas day, but that didn't happen either.  We were all just exhausted! 

Below are some pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas day!  Enjoy!

Christmas Eve - getting ready for Santa!

Santa's letter and cookies ready on the stove.  The towel hanging on the oven door has "Merry Christmas" on it with Claire's hand prints for 2011!

Letter to Santa, cookies for Santa that Claire made on the plate she made, with a "Milk for Santa" mug that was Trent's as a child. 

Letter to Santa

Santa came!

Claire's stocking with hair bows attached to Santa's hat

Santa ate the cookies and even left some crumbs!


opening presents

Photograph Courtesy of Trent

Getting some refreshments sitting on my new beanbag chair after opening presents

More Elmo?!?!

"I love my new wagon!"

Hanging with the big dogs at Granny and Big Daddy's

Reading the National Geographic maps with Daddy

Best Christmas Present EVER!

The Scott Family

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