Friday, December 2, 2011

A special dress

My mom called me the other day and said Claire had received a package at her house.  She opened it and said it was a beautiful handmade smocked dress from a family friend.  She also said there was a sweet note included.  So when we got home that night I opened up the bag to discover not just a beautiful dress, but a breath taking dress.  It is light pink with hearts and roses smocked on the top.  Just perfect for our Claire Rose! 

I read the letter that came with it and just bawled.  The dress maker had told how she bought the material right after my mom told her she was having a granddaughter.  Her and her daughter picked out the heart/roses pattern before they even knew Claire would have heart issues.  She told how she stitched and sewed while praying to God for Claire.  She sewed this dress through all of Claire's surgeries while praying for her with every stitch.  I mean, really.  How much sweeter can that be?  It melts my heart and humbles me so much. 

So of course, I couldn't WAIT to put the dress on Claire!  If I thought the dress was breath taking, I had no  idea how it would make me feel seeing it on Claire.  I was overwhelmed with emotion.  This special dress that had been made specially for our girl that had been prayed over so much just for her.  I almost felt like this dress had been through  all of the last years' experiences with us (surgeries, scares, etc).  It was like this dress was a dress of memories and it was Claire's reward for making it through everything she did.  Ok, I can't type more or I will bawl again.  But you get the point.  It's really hard for me to put into words.  Thank you so much to the Duncan family for making this keepsake for Claire.  It means so much. 

I tried to get some good pictures, but you just can't get her to pose like she used to.  She's too busy being on the move.  So here are the best ones I got.  And a video of her playing her favorite piano. 

On another note, baby Parker is doing absolutely wonderful!!  He has been moved out of the NICU and into Convalescent care which is a step down unit (kind of like TCN for Claire).  He weighs 3 lbs 8 oz and has no IVs!!!!  Parker was able to wear clothes yesterday for the first time and is no longer in an enclosed isolette.  I hope to get by the hospital this weekend to meet him!  I will TRY to get a picture.  I have also set up a meal calendar for Parker's family, so if you are interested in fixing them supper one night, please let me know.  They are having to travel back and forth from hospital to home every day to visit him, and then come home to care for their 2 1/2 year old.  So cooking is the last thing on their mind, but they need good food to keep their energy up. 

We have a busy weekend/week planned!  Hopefully some fun updates coming next week!

The Scott Family


  1. So sweet :) What a precious gift and a precious girl!

  2. Awww, your note fills my heart with happiness to the point that it overflows into teardrops! Sooo blessed to have had the opportunity to pray for your family - it was my priveledge to watch God's miracle unfold!! Claire is just breathtaking in the dress (and in anything else she wears, as she's just such a wonderful sight to see toddling around!!) Love from our home to yours...

    The Duncans
    Jason, Michelle, Jackson and Katelyn ;-)