Saturday, December 24, 2011

Take me for a ride on your big green tractor

Trent asked Claire and I to ride with him while he was mowing cotton stalks the other day.  Claire was asleep when we got there and slept for over half of the ride!  The tractor noises and bumping and turning never even bothered her.  She's such a natural.  (Ignore my quadruple chin in the picture).

When Claire finally woke up, she was all smiles!  She kept clapping, smiling, and talking the whole time.  She would reach over and tap Trent on the shoulder to get him to look at her. 

We rode with him until it was time to head home to fix supper.  She (and I) absolutely loved our time together.  Riding together in the tractor is something Trent and I used to do when we first started dating almost 16 years ago.  It was very special to me for our little family of three to now share in the experience.  There is nothing more fun and relaxing then riding in a big tractor in the middle of no where in the quiet together. 

By the end of the ride, Claire wanted to either drive with the steering wheel or get down and crawl on the floor of the tractor so we had to go.  I told Trent that I could already tell Claire would be spending lots of days riding with him in the future! 

The Scott Family

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  1. That was just heart-warming <3 !!! What a fun thing Claire will be able to do with her dad!