Saturday, March 31, 2012

A sh!$@y day

It really was not a bad day, but this antibiotic is tearing Claire's little belly up!  I think we have almost been through a whole box of diapers today and I know we went through 3 pairs of PJ pants before 8 am.  :(

But she is such a trooper. We still went to Izzie's birthday party today and had fun!  She was pretty clingy and has had no appetite, but she drank lots of Pedialite and ate cheese doodles. 

Then tonight, the song "Footloose" came on the TV and she busted out in dance.  So even thought she feels like poop (and has had about 10 poopy diapers today too), she doesn't show it. 

Please continue to keep Claire in your prayers for healing and health!

The Scott Family

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