Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life Is Happening

I am sure it’s totally normal certain days not to remember your age (or maybe I don’t want to) or to remember what day of the week it is.  But lately, I feel like I am just forgetting so many things. 
For example, today, my Dad texts me and says “baby boy…8 pounds 14 oz at 7:10 am”.  I sit and try to figure out why in the world my Dad has texted me about someone having a baby today.  And who in the world is he talking about?  Did he text me by mistake?  But why would he even text about a baby being born by mistake?  So I text him back “Who had a baby?”  And then it hits me.  My cousin and his wife had their baby!  How in the world could I have not figured that out?!  The baby and family we pray and think about daily.  The baby who was due a week ago and we have been waiting and watching for news of his birth.  The baby I just had a dream about this weekend and just yesterday had a conversation about this dream with the baby’s mom on Facebook.  Where is my brain!? 

Or like last night, I had a flash back of last August when I had my level 2 ultrasound and fetal echo at ECU.  For some reason while rocking Claire to sleep last night, a picture of me popped in my head of me lying on the ultrasound table tilted backwards on my head (seriously this did happen in real life) because they were trying so hard to get Claire to move in the right direction to get good pictures.  Had I totally just forgotten that piece of the puzzle from last year?  Had I blocked it out?  Why was I thinking about it last night?

But the really big things that I know I should remember is what is tripping me up.  Like during CHD week, I had to literally try to remember what kind of valve repair Claire had on her heart.  Or like tonight, I had to look at Claire’s scar on her belly while giving her a bath to remember what side her liver cysts were on and what lobe they surgically removed.  I used to be able to tell you every single detail, medical term, EVE.RY.THING.
Why am I having these memory issues?  I am only 32 years old!  (See, I remember my age today.)  Is it a part of getting older??

Or, is it the fact that life is happening.  Life IS happening.  And all of those details, although they are very, very important to me and always will be because it is part of Claire’s history and life story, seem to be slipping away from my mind.  I hope it’s because we are replacing those details with bouncing curls and walking.  Or that Claire can make almost any farm animal sound you can name – even a monkey. 

Super Dude’s mom told me a few weeks ago that she had totally forgotten that it was coming up on when Super Dude came home from the hospital a few years ago.  Her Dad mentioned it to her and she had not even thought about it.  She told me it was funny how the first year that they come home you remember EVERY detail and date and anniversary.  But after that, life happens.  And you don’t base your life on what happened a year ago.  New things become benchmarks and anniversaries. 

So I am hoping that it’s not old age.  But that LIFE IS HAPPENING for us.  Let’s hope that is the case.  If not, everyone is in for some early Alzheimer’s posts. 

Congratulations to the Finch family on their new addition and Claire’s new cousin, Ozzie!  Life is happening……….

The Scott Family


  1. I blame my memory issues on not sleeping enough!!!

  2. Mine are pregnancy related! Lol! I can't remember anything unless I write it down lately! This baby is taking a toll on my mind!

  3. Nice baby. That blue 'boggin is liable to taint the pore chile, though. Get Trent to send a Red 'pack one, or at least a John Deer Green one.
    Nice to hear there's yet another cousin in Claire Rose's generation.

    Happy March to all, We think of you often.
    Eric and Linda

  4. um.... Deere ... sorry, I went to State and cain't spell, but I can count.