Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend in review

Here are a bunch of pictures from the weekend.  Usually I sort through and just post the best ones.  But I decided to post them all so you could just see how crazy things can be sometimes!  Claire spent Saturday with Grandma Neat Neat and Uncle Phillip and Aunt Brandy. 

breakfast in monkey pjs

Playing at Grandma's

grocery shopping

being silly eating lunch


"Enough pictures already!"

playing the piano on Aunt Brandy's iPad

checking out Uncle Phillip's fish

watching The Wiggles with Aunt Brandy

discovering her shadow

Claire was whiney today


running around the New Bern Mall

Daytona 500 was cancelled due to rain, so Claire had her own at the mall

playing outside in the yard with daffodils

The Scott Family

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