Saturday, February 11, 2012

Heart Hero

Claire is obviously our special little "Heart Hero"!  A few months ago I found this website where you could custom order a cape for your little heart hero.  A family was so kind to donate the money to make a batch of capes and Claire's was one of those!  Well Claire's came in a few weeks ago!  I have been saving the pictures until CHD Awareness week.  Her cape is a shiny pink with a green heart for the "shield" and a white, glittery "C" in the heart.  It is too cute!

So here is Heart Hero Claire!

She kept "flying" away from me so quickly, most of the shots she is running away from me!  But at least you get a good view of the back of the cape.  It's so cute.  I know she will love to dress up in her heart hero cape for years to come.

The Scott Family

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