Sunday, February 19, 2012

Success and Failure

Today was the blood drive that I blogged about a few days ago.  I had mentally prepared myself although I was still nervous! 

A little background on the blood drive.  As I mentioned before, a coworker, Kathi McCoy, started this blood drive several years ago because another coworker's grandson needed blood transfusions for some reason that I cannot remember.  Two months later, Kathi passed away in a tragic accident.  We've had 2 other coworkers pass away since then from cancer, so the blood drive is done each year in these 3 coworkers' memories.  So I am happy to help in any way I can with this effort each year. 

We finally got back there and of course Susan held my hand!  This is me while they tried to figure out which "tiny" vein they were going to try.  I told the tech that I was a one shot wonder - she had one try to get a vein.  If that didn't work, I would probably chicken out!  She had to search around with the needle a bit, but finally got it going.  Unfortunately, I failed at donating a unit because my blood clotted.  To tell you how bad I really wanted to do this, I asked if she could stick me in the other arm to finish getting the blood she needed.  She said no they couldn't do that.  I was so, so disappointed.  Then I looked over at Trent and he was about to fall out. 

His face was white and he said he felt nausea.  I asked a nurse to please get him some regular drink and she was so kind to feed it to him with a straw.  I think he got a little spoiled by the nurses today, but that was ok!  He was able to donate a whole unit! 

Then Claire showed up in her Christmas pajamas.  ;)  It was such a nasty, rainy day, we had all stayed in our PJs most of the day until we went to the blood drive.  She just decided to stay in hers! 

And then Claire made a friend.  Kathi's niece was there with her family while they donated blood and she and Claire hit it off!  She began running around the waiting room in circles, in and out of the furniture and Claire followed (with me in tow).  So Claire and I chased her all over until I was dizzy!  I have never seen Claire play like that.  It's like she automatically knew that she was supposed to chase her!  Fun!!!  Kathi's niece decided she wanted to help Claire walk, so she took one hand and I held the other and we walked together. 

I put Claire on the couch to take a picture and she jumped up and wanted to put her arm around Claire so I could take their picture.  Too cute!


Granny showed up next and she was able to donate blood for the first time!  Yay!  The lady who drew my blood also drew hers and as we were talking, she said her daughter was born at 32 weeks - 15 years ago.  Small world!

So I believe the blood drive was a success today!  If you didn't get a chance to go this year, think about going next year.  Trent and Granny successfully donated in honor of Claire and I attempted to.  We hope it goes to help save someone's life and give back to those who gave to save Claire's life. 

The Scott Family

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