Thursday, February 23, 2012

Claire's Heart Day events

Claire had a great 1st Heart Day!  Not to mention that it is the middle of February and was 81 degrees outside today AND that she "officially" started walking on her own today!  I'd say that makes for a great day!

We started out by delivering some heart cupcakes to Aunt Brandy and Uncle Phillip bright and early this morning.  Then Claire went to Granny and Big Daddy's as usual.  She had a great morning out side with Granny and eating a cupcake.  Then Grandma picked Claire up and they delivered more cupcakes, visited Mimi and Grandpa, and went to watch Connor and Anna jump on the trampoline. 

For supper, Granny helped fix Claire's favorite food - spaghetti!  So I cooked the noodles and we had some good spaghetti and more cupcakes.  And Claire walked more than she crawled at home!  She was not happy with me when I was videoing her because she was ready to eat.  ;)

And yesterday was Claire's 14 month corrected age birthday!

So here are some pictures and a video from the day!!! 

Outside at Granny and Big Daddy's

Walking with Grandma

Playing with Connor and Anna

heart cupcakes

favorite food spaghetti

top it off with a cupcake

The Scott Family

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