Saturday, February 4, 2012

B@tchin' and Complainin'

Lately I feel like all I do is complain about how tired I am, how stressed I am, how I don't feel good, how I don't have any energy.  Well tonight I feel COMPLETELY guilty about complaining.  I have no right to complain like this.  Tonight I just broke down while putting Claire to sleep because I remembered just how much she has endured and fought through without even understanding any of it.  And she cannot even fuss about it. 

So I am making a vow tonight that I will stop this b!tching and complaining.  I have nothing to be stressed about!  I think sometimes my mind just gets the best of me......

On that note, I am excited about the upcoming week of CHD Awareness!  All of the other heart mom bloggers have had really neat posts this week.  Very inspiring.  I hope to join that group in raising awareness of something so common, yet something experts still have no answers to why it happens. 

Thanks for listening!  And if you hear complaining coming out of my mouth, just remind me of all the good things I should be talking about!  :)


PS - Claire is feeling much better.  She still has a slight runny nose and a junky cough.  But she is on the upswing! 

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