Thursday, March 29, 2012

Poor thing

Last night, Claire, Trent, and I probably all slept about 3 good hours.  That was it.  Claire was up most of the night screaming and crying and tossing and turning.  After finally getting her to sleep around 2 am, she continued to toss and turn.  Up and down.  I figured she may be uncomfortable from her really bad diaper rash or I think/thought she is cutting some teeth. 

This morning her diaper rash was even worse.  I felt terrible for her.  I felt like a bad mom for letting her fuss.  I had given her Motrin twice last night thinking it would help but it didn't. 

My mom texted me about mid-afternoon and said I should make Claire a peds appointment so I did.  I think I felt sicker than her just thinking about having to take her to the doctor.  Don't get me wrong - we LOVE our pediatrician.  It's just that Claire has a complete meltdown every time we go as soon as we walk through the front door.   And the same thing happened again.

I don't know how much she weighed or anything because she was screaming so loudly, I couldn't hear.  But she had a temp of 101.5.  And an ear infection.  Boo.  But she is still in pretty good spirits. 

No wonder she felt so bad.  She's on antibiotics now and hoping that with the prescription strength diaper rash cream makes her feel better quickly.  Please keep Claire in your prayers!!

The Scott Family

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