Monday, March 19, 2012

Daffodil Day

Saturday, Claire, Becky, Ava, and I rode all the way to Winterville to take Ava and Claire's pictures in a daffodil field.  When we got there, we found there was a small patch of about 15 daffodils in bloom and the rest had already died.  But it made for cute pictures!  With the warm weather, the flowers bloomed earlier than normal.  I will have to be more on top of it next year!

Here are some of the good ones I caught with my camera.  I hope Becky got some good ones with hers too.

These 2 are from Sunday before church, but were so cute, I couldn't resist posting them.

And the following pictures are what I call "bloopers"!  Too funny!  Claire had this scrunched up face thing going on in a lot of the pictures.  And then Ava was trying hard to give Claire hugs and Claire didn't know what to do except to fall down in the wet grass. 

In the end it was fun!  I am glad Ava and Becky agreed to go with us on our crazy photography trip.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!

The Scott Family

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