Sunday, March 18, 2012

A good kind of tired

I am tired after a long, busy, great weekend.  But it is a good kind of tired.  You know, the kind of tired where you are mentally and physically exhausted to where you fall asleep on the floor while your daughter plays with her toys beside you.....  All because you have had an awesome weekend full of fun!

I don't know.  I think our weekends are more tiring than some people's weekends.  Maybe it's because we both work full time and the on the weekends, we try to pack in as much fun stuff with Claire as possible.   I am sure that is how it is with most full time working parents.  Anyways, we tried to take advantage of the nice weather and friends and family this weekend.  So here is a recap of our fun weekend!

We went to Winterville with Ava and Becky to take their pictures in the daffodil field in Winterville (pics to come soon!).  We then went to Paramore Park and played then hit up Chick Fil A.  We had a great time on St. Patrick's Day!

ready to ride

This is where Claire discovred climbing up the slide.

The picnic tables became interesting

Becky joined in on the fun!

looking for 4 leaf clover for St. Patrick's Day

We then went to the Howards' house to chase chickens and play in the pool. 

barefoot weather

swimming with Connor and Anna

Grandma Neat Neat bought a new car this weekend!

Daddy, Claire, Grandma Neat Neat and her new car

We went to church Sunday morning and Claire looked too cute in her new hairbow, hand me down dress, socks, and shoes, and her pink puppy from Dr. Rachel (her new favorite toy).

We then went to Leann's baby shower and visited with a few friends.  Claire loved walking through the shower, outside, and up and down the steps. 

visiting with Amanda

Leann and "baby" Easton

McLean girls and a Carpenter girl

We then came home and Claire and Grandma Neat Neat enjoyed a wagon ride. 

I love my wagon!

 We had a really fun weekend and are ready for bed!!

The Scott Family

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