Monday, March 12, 2012

You're Gonna Miss This, You're Gonna Want This Back

I heard that song (I think by Trace Adkins) this weekend "You're Gonna Miss This" while driving Claire to town.  I just about bawled but tried not to because I was driving.  This weekend was full of fun and we tried to make some great memories.  Because Claire is growing up so, so fast.   And Trace is right, we are going to miss these days. The days like Friday night where Claire screamed during the entire prayer/blessing at supper.   I  already miss those days.  So we made great memories this weekend and tried to take lots of pictures!

Friday night, Daddy's fire department held a dinner and drawing.  Claire and I rode out for a while, ate a little chicken and pastry, and socialized.  Claire sought out the old men playing the mandolin and guitar (she loves Bluegrass!!).  They played for her and she just loved it!

This man told Claire that the mandolin was more her size than the guitar

Saturday we visited Grandma Neat Neat while she worked in Great Granddaddy's house.  This is the house that was so damaged by Hurricane Irene.  I think they pretty much completed it today!  It's basically been totally renovated and looks great!  The first picture below is of Claire in her Granddaddy Eddie's room that he grew up in. 

In front of the old mantle that came out of Claire's Great Great Granddaddy's house.  We have one like it in our house.

Then of course we found Shop Cat.  He followed us around until we fed him.  Then Claire followed him around. 

We played with Daddy's tractors.

Then came home and watched the Duke game. 

Sunday, we ate lunch with Granny and Big Daddy at Andy's.  Claire and Big Daddy had fun walking through the parking lot.

We then took Claire's pictures in a wheat field close to the house, but they will come at a later date!

So we walked over to Aunt Sarah, Uncle Franky, Connor, and Anna's house to play with the dogs and chickens and goose. 

being shy


chasing the goose yelling "kin" meaning "chicken"

feeding the chickens

After walking up and down their porch steps 100 times, Claire spotted the "baaaa walllssss" (balls) on their big trampoline and there we went. 

static electricity

Connor and Anna joined in the fun!

Enjoy the videos!  I tried to catch Claire saying her new word, "baaa bowls" - bubbles, but she was more into saying "bye" and making monkey noises.  :)  And enjoy the trampoline fun! (I don't know why it posted way below, but I couldn't figure out how to move it. Sorry!

We really are going to miss these days.  Even if Claire was up crying for 3 hours Saturday night/Sunday morning and neither Trent nor I could make things better (dang those eye teeth).  I will miss Claire just playing "Momma's Baby" in the mirror every night after her bath or snuggling with her daddy on those rare occasions that she will sit still for more than 10 seconds. 

I just want to hold on to them forever. 

The Scott Family

PS - Please also keep Caroline and her unborn baby boy in your prayers.  I do not know Caroline, but was asked to pray for her and her baby.  She is about 18 weeks pregnant and her water broke last week.  They have not been given much hope from doctors or Duke, but have asked that people specifically pray for the healing of her womb and reaccumulation of her amniotic fluid so the baby can continue to grow and develop.  Please pray for miracles for this family because we know God can work miracles. 

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