Thursday, March 15, 2012

Month of May.......and a fish picture

The month of May is going to be full of fun things!  The early part of the month, we hope to attend the Duke ICN reunion.  We didn't get to go last year because Claire had just had her liver surgery a week before.  So looking forward to that! 

Also towards the end of May is the March of Dimes in our area.  I hope we can walk in that this year.  We had a team last year that walked for Claire.  Claire and I were unable to walk because it was also during when she had her liver surgery. 

Dr. Rachel told us today that she will find out in May if she gets the job at Duke as a pediatric cardiologist.  We are pretty sure she will get it!  And are very excited to have Claire as her patient again!!!!  :)

And one SUPER exciting thing happening in May is "Books for Charley" collection again.  It will be with a twist this year though.  Charlotte's mom has so graciously offered to let us "keep" the books we collect for "Books for Charley" and donate them to the PCICU at Duke.  So we are excited to be a part of this wonderful project again this year and that the heart children at Duke will get to benefit from it. 

So May is going to be jam packed!  I am sure I am forgetting something, but I will update as it gets closer. 

And here's a picture that has nothing to do with May, but thought it was cute.  Claire, Granny, and Aunt Amanda went to Walmart this week and sent the picture to me.  I think Claire is trying to tell me something.....  She loves Elmo and his pet goldfish Dorothy.  Maybe that's what she's thinking.

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