Thursday, March 1, 2012

Profile Picture

Trent's mom gave us a silhouette of Claire for Valentine's Day and I  oldLOVE it!  You can obviously tell which one is her (the bow gives it away!).  But I thought it would be neat to compare her profile to Trent's and mine.  You can tell by the dates if nothing else who is who.  But the first is Claire, the second is Trent, and the last one is me.  Claire is 16 months old, Trent is three years old and I am four years old (funny how both of ours were done in 1983).   So if you combine my profile and Trent's profile, I guess you get Claire's profile!  Anyways, enjoy!

The Scott Family


  1. I love it!! I see both of you in her profile. What a neat way to compare! :)

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    1. You can contact me at Thank you.