Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mimi's 80th Birthday

This past weekend, we celebrated Mimi's 80th birthday!  It was a lot of fun to get together and eat some Bojangles and cake and ice cream.  Here are a few pictures from the party!  I know some of them do not fit in the "post boundaries", but I had to make all of them extra large so you could see them!

Mimi and Grandpa shared a small table!

Had to laugh out loud at the faces in this picture!  :)

Playing with Grandpa's chair

You can always find something good to eat in Mimi's refrigerator

The "blob" cake.  But it sure was good!

the sugar free cake that was good too!

Happy Birthday!


Strolling with Mimi

What a milestone birthday! 

The Scott Family

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