Saturday, May 12, 2012

18 month well baby check at 19 months

We are a month behind for Claire's 18 month check up.  She was really sick during her 18 month time frame so we moved it back to 19 months.  She did a lot better today than she normally does at the doctor.  By "a lot better" I mean she didn't hyperventilate the entire time.  Just part of the time.  When the doctor was in the room and just talking to me, she was fine.  She walked around the room, opened and shut the cabinets, etc.  But as soon as the doctor put her stethoscope on, Claire freaked out.  I am seriously considering seeing if I can buy a cheap stethoscope somewhere so we can "play" with it together and get Claire familiar with it so she knows it will not hurt her. 

She got 1 shot today and hopefully that is the last one for a while.  Claire passed the autism screen. 

And our doctor must know I love charts, graphs, and numbers.  Because today she came in with 4 growth charts showing Claire's growth and percentiles since birth.  This is talking in my language!  I  wish I could get these things every time.

These numbers are all based on Claire's "real" age of 19 months, not her corrected age.  As far as Claire's "recumbent length" (meaning her weight vs. her height), she is in the 98th percentile.  So in basic terms, she is short and chunky.  Weight for age, Claire is in the 90th percentile.  Length for age, Claire is in the 34th percentile (meaning she is short).  And head circumference for her age, Claire is in the 84th percentile. 

The doctor said Claire looks GREAT!  And that we can keep doing what we are doing.  That was a relief.  We are working on changing her from whole milk down to 2% then to 1% milk.  And we also need to work on getting her off of the bottle.  But in the big scheme of things those are minor. 

Claire weighed 27 lbs 3 oz and measured 31.75".  Her doctor said that in a few years she and Claire will be sharing secrets about Claire's boyfriends.  Whew - I hope that is in SEV.ER.AL years!  :)

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  1. If she doesn't have one already, a toy doctor's kit is wonderful. And I have an Elmo Visits the Doctor DVD that you are welcome to borrow. Lily LOVED it and it made a dramatic difference in how well she did at the doctor around Claire's age. Reese and I think Connor too also borrowed it and it worked for them too!

  2. 27 lbs! Wow! Greyson is only almost 24 lbs. but he is still waiting for his final repair. His sister was about the same at his age though so I think we just make petite kids. Greyson got that way about drs after all the synagis shots. Hopefully his cardiologist appt the end of June will go well.