Friday, May 18, 2012

Books for Charley update

This past weekend, Claire and I visited a local book store to pick out some books for the "Books for Charley" collection.  Claire immediately pulled a Baby Einstein book about farm animals off the shelf, sat down promptly in the floor, and began to read it.  Too cute!  Then she got up and migrated to the back of the store with the magazines, sat back down, and read some more. 

We picked out a few books for donation before we had to leave (before Claire started pulling lots of books down and running through the aisles).  And of course, Claire had to keep her book that she picked out.  This girl LOVES books! 

As of today, we have collected 43 books and have received $100 in monetary donations to buy more books.  I am super excited and we are working towards our goal of 113 books!!  (113 is the number of days Claire was in the hospital total)  Thank you to all of you who have donated!  There is still about 2 weeks left to get books or money for books to us.  These small gifts will definitely help brighten a child's day.  

The Scott Family

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  1. How sweet!!! I love how you came to the "113" goal, perfect!

    We're going to be doing our shopping this saturday and I can't wait!!!