Friday, May 25, 2012

New habits

Claire has some new "habits" she has started.  One is to come home almost every afternoon and clean out my Tupperware cabinet onto the floor.  It keeps her occupied for a little while so I can cook supper, and it won't hurt her, so I don't mind.  The lids and containers never match up anyway at our house. 

The second habit is not as much fun.  If you look closely at the birthday picture below, you will see that Claire has found her nostrils.  So now she walks around with her finger stuck up her nose.  It's gross, but she doesn't understand what she is doing.  I think she just realized she had 2 holes on her face that she could stick her finger in besides her mouth.  Let's hope this habit is a quick phase! 

The Scott Family

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  1. I think I say "get your fingers out of your nose" about 100 times a day!!! That is Garrett's favorite thing to do.