Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dancing chickens and tractors

Claire dug out one of Fuzz's dog squeeky toys - a chicken.  She has been toting it around and saying "chicken"!  She loves Old MacDonald and dances to the music every time.  Now she makes the chicken dance to the music!

She also loves to watch her Daddy on the tractor!  As we were driving by him planting cotton, Claire immediately knew it was him, so we had to stop.  I couldn't let go of her hand because our road is big gravel so she was wobbly walking.  So the video is not the greatest, but you can hear her yelling for Da Da!

Please excuse the shaky videos.  It's hard to hold on to Claire and video at the same time.  Also, it's hard when you are dancing to the music in the chicken video to keep the camera still...  :)

PS - Don't forget May is "Books for Charley" month!!!!

The Scott Family

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