Tuesday, May 22, 2012

19 things

I know this is a little late.  It should be more like 19 things at almost 20 months old.  But let's see how it goes when I try to come up with 19 things about Claire at 19.5 months of age:

1.   Claire loves it outside.  If you open the door, you better be ready either to take her outside or be ready for a meltdown.
2.   Words Claire can say include hello, bye, bye bye baby, bye bye ma ma, DA DA, horse, ball, milk, juice, Elmo, bear, Mi Mi, Penny, baby, yummy, thank you, apple.  She can say many more, but these are the usual ones.  She also babbles a lot lately so she is trying to say new things.
3.   Claire imitates a lot of what we do now.  If we yawn, she yawns.  If I say "no", she says "DOE" really loud.  She copies the noises/sounds we make.  Tonight she has started saying "um".  So I wonder if I say that a lot??
4.  Claire still loves Elmo and gets super excited whenever she seems him.
5.   Claire's curls are multiplying and are crazy cute.
6.   She doesn't like spaghetti anymore. 
7.   Claire will not eat vegetables.  Just fruit.
8.   She still loves to read books.  And she reads them the correct way.
9.   I still have to sing "Old MacDonald" pretty much every night and according to Claire, he only has chickens on his farm.
10.  Claire has 14 teeth with 2 more on the way.
11.  This is the summer of skint knees for Claire.  I think today makes about the 4th or 5th time this summer so far.
12.  Claire still drinks from a bottle.  She has no interest in a sippy cup.  She likes to drink from a real cup but makes a huge mess. 
13.   I still rock Claire to sleep every night.  I hope this continues for a while.
14.  Claire basically runs everywhere she goes now.
15.  Claire "quacks" every morning on the way to my parent's house.  I have discovered it is in the same location on Hwy 17 every day.  I noticed she does it when we drive by a yellow house with pink flamingos in the yard.  Not sure if she is quacking at the pink flamingos or the yellow house.
16.  Claire has a mind of her own (she always has).  She lets you know if you are not doing something the way she thinks you should be doing it.
17.  She dances to music a lot more now.  And this weekend she seemed to be "singing" along with songs on TV. 
18.  Claire is wearing a size 5 shoe, anywhere from 18 month to 2T clothes, and of course a hair bow every day.
19.  Claire loves to waller.  She gets super excited when you put her on our bed and she can just roll and waller all over the place.  It is like her "happy place"!
19 1/2:  Bonus - Claire is the answer to so many prayers.  She is the perfect gift from God above.  We love her more than words could ever describe.  We thank God every day for blessing us with Claire. 

The Scott Family

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