Friday, May 4, 2012

That kind of day

This is the kind of day it was today.  I ate a whole Snickers bar and had to take a Motrin.  If you know me, neither of these things are my "norm."

It started out by me having another nightmare last night.  The night before I dreamed Claire had to have open heart surgery again and I had to open up her scar and take steri-strips off as I was bawling.  Then this morning I woke up to dreaming that we had to put Claire back on oxygen.   Talk about a head ache when I got up.

I got out of a meeting at work and found a text from a friend telling me she thought Caroline was having baby Conner today at 26 weeks.  After researching on Facebook, we found it was true and she was in a c-section.  I started shaking all over and freaking out.  I don't know Caroline really, really well, but I think us mom's of preemies, heart babies, liver babies, etc. have an instant connection.  A bond like no other and needs no explaination. 

So it was like reliving the emotions all over again.  I know the terror Conner's family was/is going through.  He was born weighing 1 pound 3 ounces.  The last I heard was he was "stable" and on a breathing tube with surfactant to help him breathe as he is not breathing on his own.  Please, please pray for them!!

The rest of the day was ok until I was putting Claire to sleep.  I noticed we kept getting hotter and hotter.  My eyes started stinging and she was sweating.  I went and checked the thermostat and it was set on 70 but it was 80 in the house.  Great!  Our air conditioning has quit on the hottest day so far at 90 some degrees! 

I think I need another Snickers bar......

The Scott Family

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