Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Matter of opinion

I spoke to a health care professional today that was concerned that Claire's weight was somewhat high for her.  It kind of took me back because we have fought so long for her to gain weight.  Now it is a concern that she has gained too much weight?

So I called her regular pediatrician to see what she thought.  She said that at Claire's highest weight, she weighed 26 lbs 4 oz on March 29th.  She said that in January 2012, Claire weighed 23 lbs.  So she has gained 3 lbs since January.  Which is really not a huge deal.  She is in the 80-90th percentile for weight and she has been at that percentage for a while now according to the pediatrician.  She said while Claire is a little on the "chubby side" she is not "overweight." 

She knows that Claire eats a very healthy diet, does not get junk food, and she gets just the right amount of milk and juice a day.  She is VERY active, so that is not a concern.  We went over all of the medical things that could be going on with her liver or heart and do not think they are the culprit of weight gain.  She did say that at 8-9 months old, Claire was in the 1st percentile for height and now she is about in the 20th percentile.  Which she wasn't concerned about due to the short family genes. 

She thinks Claire has just had a growth spurt and that it is not concerning right now.  We may decide to change over from whole milk to a lower fat/calorie milk sooner than later though. 

As far as what was on my mind in the post a few days ago, I asked her about that too.  Basically when Claire was sick a few weeks ago, we saw a different pediatrician that we had never seen before.  I got copies of Claire's records to take with us in July to the GI doctor and was reading over them.  I noticed that this pediatrician that had never seen Claire commented about her "unusual faces" that she made that were pretty much due to the "genetic syndrome" that she had.  What genetic syndrome does she have?  Good question!

I was kind of upset about this note.  And then concerned that I was missing something.  What kind of faces did she mean?  I mean, Claire was there getting cathed and blood drawn.  I can imagine what my face would look like.  Anyways, I couldn't decide whether to ask or not.  So while I had our regular pediatrician on the phone today I thought I would ask. 

"Am I in denial?" I asked.  Meaning is there something someone has told me and I just didn't hear it?  Was I missing something?  "No, you are not."  Basically she thinks that the new doctor meant that Claire has facial characteristics of kids with heart defects.  That heart babies/TOF babies all kind of have the same facial shape/features and have "classic faces" of heart babies. 

This is the first I have ever heard of this.  I am curious if any other heart/TOF mom  has heard of this???  Please tell me!  She told me I could Google it and probably find info on it but I haven't seen anything. 

There were some other issues in the medical record that I didn't bring up today and probably should have about that visit.  Maybe another time....

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