Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Traditions

Someone at worked asked me the other day if my family had any Mother's Day traditions.  As I tried to answer, I drew a blank.  What did we usually do?  Why couldn't I remember?  What had we done the past few years? 

After I stopped and thought about it, I realized that the past 2 Mother's Days have been different.  Mother's Day 2010 we announced that we were pregnant!  Below is a picture of me after we just told Trent's family and his cousin had a sneeking suspicion, so she had the cute onesie ready!  

Fast forward to Mother's Day 2011.  Claire had just had her liver surgery and we were hanging out in the PCICU at Duke.  I had begged the doctor that day to keep Claire in PCICU one more day (as I felt more comfortable with the nurses in there rather than out on the floor).  She made me a deal that since it was my 1st Mother's Day, she would let Claire stay there until Monday.  BUT I had to leave the hospital for a few hours and go eat lunch for Mother's Day.  So we had a deal. 

This Mother's Day, it was a drama-free, hospital-free day.  Just a day to spend with Claire and family and our mothers.  Just a simple day was perfect.  I hope to start new traditions.  We went to church, ate lunch with Trent's family, and supper with my family.  It was a nice day!  I can't say that I didn't shed some tears just being so thankful to be a mother and especially to be Claire's mother.  What an honor. 

Here is a picture of Claire at church on Mother's Day.

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!

The Scott Family

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