Sunday, February 20, 2011

Family History

I really enjoy learning about family history - especially my family.  My Granny Rose did a lot of genealogy and traced the Rouse and Jones families back a very long way.  She had so many detailed notes and research and time put into it.  My Aunt Connie has done the same with the Carpenter and Stevenson families.  I could sit for hours reading all of the stories and research and looking back to see who is related to who.

I got very interested in the Scott family history several years ago while Trent's Granddaddy was still living.  He may have been almost 89 years old, but the man could remember anything.  He knew every person's name, when they were born, who they married, how they died, where they lived, what they did for a living - everything.  I mean, back in the day when people had 10 kids- he could remember what all of their names were (first and middle names) and the years they were born.  He was sharp.  I went to his house a few times before he died and took a  notebook so I could write down all of these things he could remember.  I knew once he died, so much history and knowledge would go with him.  At this time I didn't know that Trent's cousin Bill was also interested in the Scott history and was working on the genealogy too.  I would later find this out last year and find that we have some good information between the 2 of us!

Anyways, the male gene runs deep in the Scott family.  They had lots and lots of boys in this family.  When we were pregnant and looking for names, we figured out that most of them were named William, Benjamin, or Edward.  So we decided we would not use those names since it made the family tree so complicated!  If you just go back on Trent's line, you will see they are all boys.  You have Trent and Taylor, their dad Eddie, Eddie's dad Carl, Carl's dad Henry, Henry's dad William Henry, and William Henry's dad Benjamin. 

The last girl born into the Scott family before Claire was Carol Ann Scott who was born in 1959.  And before Carol, the last Scott female born was Sarah Viola Scott born in 1879.  So it was 80 years between Sarah Viola and Carol and then 51 years between Carol and Claire.  So these Scott girls are special!  Acutally, the part of the farm where we built our house is actually the land that was Viola's before her brother (Trent's Great-Grandfather) Henry bought it from her.  When Trent's granddaddy deeded Trent the land in 2002, we found there had never been a real survey of this piece of the farm.  So we had to go back to when Viola owned it with her husband and it was described by being bound by the creek, a wire fence, a tree, and a rock.  So it's pretty neat that Claire lives where Viola (the first Scott girl) owned/lived. 

Trent's cousins Bill and Ann Scott, who are Carol's parents, brought by a special gift for a special Scott girl yesterday (which, by the way, was Claire's first time spending the day at Grandma Neat Neat's and being rocked in her daddy's rocking chair).  They brought Claire a beautiful pewter baby cup with her name and birth date engraved on it.  They made sure that the "Scott" was put on the cup since it is such a unique thing for the Scott family.  It is such a special gift that we will treasure forever as well as the history behind it. 

Although Clarie didn't follow status quo with being a boy born into the Scott family, she definitely has that Scott blood running through her full of determination, strength, and a little hard headed.  She let's you know what she wants when she wants it and doesn't hold back.  And that's what we love about her!


The Scott Family


  1. Love those pictures! She is beautiful!! Are you related to any of the Rouse's? I saw where someone in your family had traced the Rouse's. Just wondering because my maiden name is Rouse.
    It would be interesting to know.

  2. Carla, my grandmother was a Rouse from La Grange. Rouse was also my middle name before we got married. Not sure if your Rouse's and my Rouse's are related but I am sure they are somewhere down the line!