Monday, February 28, 2011

Sitting, waiting, and wishing...

Claire has been acting more and more like her self today.  She has been so alert and giving mommy and Aunt Manda lots of smiles and kisses.  She even decided to kick out a laugh while she was sleeping this afternoon.  It was so sweet. 

Not much has changed around here other then the news of possibly going home within the next few days.  They couldn't guarantee when and what day that would be, but we are being hopeful that we will be heading home tomorrow.  They doctors want to hold Claire for a few days to make sure that she is eating well and is gaining weight.  They also want to wean her back on the Lasix to possibly twice a day in hopes that she can tolerate the low dose.  They also want to make sure that her heart rhythm is close to normal before heading home and that the p wave stays regular.  These are all things that can happen over night, or possibly through Wednesday. 

Claire went down for an echocardiogram for a post-surgical check up.  The doctor has yet to view it, but from what we could see (and from what the sonographer could tell us) everything looked okay.  We were able to see where Claire's bovine patch was and that there was no blood flow through what use to be the hole between the ventricles.  The liver surgeon stopped by to check on Claire and said that everything seemed to look good.  The cysts are relatively bigger but not to be worried about them.  They are going to follow her every 4-5 weeks to continue to check on them, and hopefully they will not interfere with Claire's blood flow through the vena cava as in the past.  She is wanting Claire to fully recover before any liver surgery is planned...possibly several months away. 

Nurse Maire stopped by to visit her La princessa and said that she look "maaahvelous"!!  Nurse Maire was even able to get Claire to smile for her several times.  She is stopping back by tomorrow for another short visit and to slip several more laughs and smiles out of her. 

We are all so thankful for all of the prayers and blessings over the past week.  Things could have not gone any better.  As Grandma Neat-Neat put it, "The songs of a million angels do not compare to the joys that we feel."  We are so greatful that Claire has recovered from her surgery so quickly.  Please pray for a peaceful night as Mommy and Claire-Bear get some well needed sleep.


The Scott Family 

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  1. That sounds awesome!! Sunday we had special prayer for Claire at church again and it's amazing how God has worked through all of this. After we got home i read the blog and saw that the pacemaker wires had been taken off and she was in a regular room. I believe all this was taking place as we were praying. God is so good!! If she is beginning to laugh out loud in her sleep she will be doing it while she is awake before long. Layn did the exact same thing. The other week he started clapping when he was partly asleep when going down for his afternoon nap and just the weekend he started clapping and doing patty cake by himself. It's so sweet to see them beginning to do things and learning.