Sunday, February 27, 2011

One step closer to home

Claire has moved out to the floor today!  That is good news in that it means she is doing great.  The doctors took the pacing wires out of her heart today so the pacemaker can no longer be connected.  We moved her out of intensive care into a regular pediatric hospital room around lunch time today.  It's going to be a long night tonight as it's just going to be me and Claire.  The nurses here have 4 children/patients and all sit at a nurses station down the hall.  So it's a lot different than intensive care. 

They were going to leave Claire unhooked from any monitors but I kindly asked if she could at least wear the monitor maybe through the night.  So they hooked her back up.  It's a pain to have all of the wires, but I wanted to monitor her heart beat just a little longer. 

But she's done great and hopefully the stay in the regular room will be short and sweet.  I have a nice view out the front of the hospital!  Claire had a few visitors yesterday including Ricky and Pat, Susannah, and Candice and Jacob.  

I tried to upload pictures but they wouldn't upload!  Sorry!


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