Thursday, February 3, 2011

Going to Grandmas and other things

Those of you our age may remember those small little suitcases we all had that were primary colors and were very hard.  On the front of them it had "Going to Grandmas!"  Although Claire does not have one of those suitcases, she went to spend the night at Granny and Big Daddy's last night while Trent and I had to go to Raleigh for a meeting.  It was Claire's first time spending the night away from home since coming home from Duke.  I think she enjoyed it quite a bit! Granny even pulled out her old wooden rocking chair that she rocked me in 31 years ago and both of Claire's aunts and her uncle.  That rocking chair has seen a lot of babies!  It even rocked Lindsay, a little girl (well now a COLLEGE girl) that my mom kept when she was a baby.  So the "torture chamber" (as my mom refers to it b/c she spent so many hours glued to that chair rocking us) made it's re-appearance this week!  You can see it in the pictures below with Claire and Big Daddy. 

She had several visitors including Great Granny and Great Granddaddy (it was the first time Great Granddaddy and Claire met) and Uncle Phillip and Aunt Brandy.  She also got to go outside for the first time and bird watch with Granny.  I heard she really liked it! 

Claire goes tomorrow for her 4 month check up and a shot.  I am hoping the shot doesn't affect her negatively like making her feel bad or anything. 

Claire's friend Eliza didn't make her camp trip this week.  We know these babies know when they are ready to go home.  It may not be when we are ready or when the doctors think they are ready.  They always have their way of letting us know if they are not quite there yet.  Claire did that several times with bloody stools or cyst issues.  So we are keeping Eliza and her family in our prayers that the camp plans work out soon!  I know they are so ready to get her there!!!

On the other hand, we heard that Claire Elizabeth was making her long trek to the zoo today.  Her zoo trip consists of going to Georgia.  We are hoping she made it there safe and sound!

Well, wish us luck tonight!  We are going to try Claire in her big girl crib in her own room.  The bassinet seems to be cramping her style.  So we will see!!!


The Scott Family

Claire at her Duke check up with Claire Elizabeth's parents, Eliza's mom, and me

hat made for Claire by Mrs. Ann

the cutest little outfit from nurse Marie's sister

Big Daddy and Claire

this doesn't even need a caption!

Claire with Great Granddaddy and Great Granny

bird watching

Claire, Uncle Phillip, and Aunt Brandy


  1. That ruffley suit is maxed out Claire bear!! And look that those smiles!! I almost got one yesterday!! Love yall!

  2. secrets, Claire! We need a bird report? Surely the Chessy CatBird you saw, or the Racy Roadrunner? Perhaps the Great Green Deere Duck?

    Very nice on the bird outing.

    Looks like all the generations of Grand's are your captive servants!

    Good Job!